Westpoint has over 20 years experience in the design and provision of data storage solutions. Westpoint specialise in the migration of data and long term management of archives.

No two organisations’ storage needs are identical, and our success has been based on a totally flexible approach.  Regardless of the technology you are employing, or its age, or how you want to access the data stored, we have a solution to meet your specific needs.

Why choose Westpoint?

  • Experience - we have been supplying solutions since 1986.
  • Proven Solutions - we test and prove all of our solutions work and can provide reference sites.
  • Support - we provide support directly with our own technicians and have replacement parts and solutions in stock enabling us to guarantee a fix.

We can help you with

Digital evidence storage 

We can provide you with a solution for capturing data, securely storing data and transporting data. Ideal for law enforcement and meeting compliance requirements.

Archive storage

We can provide you with a range of archive storage solutions we specialise in optical and worm storage.

Mainframe tape connectivity

We can provide you with a range of solutions from standalone drives to complete data interchange solutions to replace or complement older legacy equipment.

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