Mainframe tape connectivity

Westpoint is committed to providing ongoing support to mainframe and tape users and, amongst the many platforms we maintain, we are the European repair centre for Overland Data (now ‘Overland Storage’) mainframe tape drives.

Mainframe connect systems

Westpoint has a wealth of experience in assisting organisations to seamlessly replace legacy equipment that is now discontinued and unsupportable, and without a break in operations.

We have developed a controller that can be connected in place of legacy equipment while we move and convert data to any of a range of modern tape and optical solutions. Remote data links can then be established using this controller between sites and third party companies – enabling the safe, quick transportation of data with no need for removable media.

Our proven expertise in secure storage and handling digital evidence enables us to provide these links safely between companies.

Standalone drives

Westpoint stocks a range of new and refurbished 3480, 3490 and 3590 drives, as well as half inch 9-track tape drives. These are supplied as complete solutions, with cables, a host controller card or computer to provide access to third party tapes and archived media on native PC-based systems.

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