Archive Storage

Westpoint has developed a unique and cost effective approach to industry-compliant archive storage. It not only provides the data integrity, system security and ease of access essential for every public and private sector operation, but also builds in exceptional longevity.

Your data is safe – and it will stay safe for a certified lifespan of 50 years.

The Optical Blu-Ray technology we have built into our modular ‘Jukebox’ systems have proven long-term reliability over other forms of storage, and each unit offers a 30TB capacity. High-speed search and access means that data is rapidly retrievable, as and when required, while a flexible drive configuration allows simultaneous multiple read/write requests.

Our Jukeboxes have been extensively used by major corporate and government clients for over 15 years and do not need regular replacements, unlike a typical RAID system: we can simply migrate the data and upgrade the storage media. And no proprietary software is used – ensuring maximum compatibility.

One other key product benefit is the exceptional energy efficiency of our appliances: they consume only 3% - 5% of the cooling and power requirements of disk-based solutions, delivering an unmatched power ratio of 500 terabytes per kilowatt.

They are simple to use, require very little maintenance and occupy a minimal footprint.

Talk to us about your archive storage requirements and we will build a system for your needs.

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