Desktop CopyStationCopy Digital Memory Cards to CD and DVD

  • Image copies digital media typically used in Digital cameras, Video cameras and mobile phones to non erasable CD / DVD media.
  • Produces two identical copies, a Master for the evidence bag and a Working copy to produce prints from.
  • The image copy process ensures an exact copy.
  • Veries after copy for accuracy.
  • Completely erases digital cards after verication. Writes zero’s to every memory cell on the card, no data remains on the card.
  • Extracts the RAW le formats and produces a viewer CD containing JPEG images of a lower resolution along with CS View (Westpoint’s autorun viewer utility).
  • Browser for the viewer CD using the integrated LCD screen which allows the results to be reviewed.
  • Faster and more secure than using a laptop PC, no ability to alter the pictures, secure environment not aected by viruses or unauthorised software.

Rugged CopystationCopy Procedure

  1. The digital card is removed from the camera or device and is inserted into the CopyStation.
  2. The CopyStation makes an exact binary image copy of the whole digital card onto the Master CD / DVD. At the end of the copy process the Master CD / DVD is “Finalised” to ensure that no more data can be written to the media. Approved DVD-R or CD-R Media are used due to their “Write Once Technology” and it is impossible to overwrite or modify the data after nalisation.
  3. The Master CD / DVD is copied to the Working CD / DVD using the same “Bit for Bit” method.
  4. The data now on the Working CD / DVD is compared with the digital data on the original card. If any error is found during the compare process, the operator is informed with an error message and the process halts.
  5. If the data on the Working CD / DVD is an exact copy of the card, then the card is securely erased. The erasure process writes zero’s to every location on the whole card, to ensure that no data remains on the card between jobs / shoots.
  6. Following a successful comparison and erasure, the pictures are then extracted from the Working CD / DVD Image. The RAW pictures are rendered or converted to a lower resolution JPEG and written to the Viewer CD for general use during an investigation.
  7. At the completion of the copy process; The Master CD / DVD is sealed as evidence.
  8. The Working CD / DVD is available to reference the high resolution pictures.
  9. The Viewer CD is available to reference the low resolution pictures.
  10. The digital memory card is empty and available for re-use.


CS View allows you to display and safely distribute pictures

CopyStation includes CS View, a windows viewer package. The CopyStation produces a
Viewer disc containing the extracted pictures together with CS View that automatically
runs on a desktop computer. You can freely distribute these discs to other parties, they
can browse the pictures without having to install any software.

cs view

Picture Security

The CopyStation can be set to watermark the pictures with a logo or text, which provides
additional security. It ensures that users will need to come back to the lab or central point
to have pictures printed for court without the watermark, allowing the print quality and
colour accuracy to be controlled.

100% accurate copy

The unique process of the CopyStations using multiple recorders, ensures that a 100% accurate copy is created. This eliminates data corruption that would go undetected with a single drive solution.
The Drives are labelled to dene a Master Disc, Working Copy, and a Viewer Disc. This enables easy identication of the discs and simplies the procedure, minimising the chances of operator error and training requirements.

Features Summary 

  • Colour Screen for display and verication of data
  • Single button to activate copying process
  • USB port for additional device support
  • Professional Card reader
  • File Recovery of deleted and hidden files, support for over 300 file types


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