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Totally secure but easily accessible storage of large volumes of data is a fundamental operating requirement for many organisations.

For some 20 years, Westpoint Peripherals have been providing customised solutions to achieve just that, and for some of the very biggest and best known names in the private and public sectors.

No two organisations’ storage needs are identical, and our success has been based on a totally flexible approach.  Regardless of the technology you are employing, or its age, or how you want to access the data stored, we have a solution to meet your specific needs.

Our service also extends into other, related areas. Many of our clients with legacy systems look to us to provide data conversion and interchange - including for mainframe tape systems.

On this site you’ll find more details of the systems available and the comprehensive support service that goes with every contract. Knowing that we supply organisations in your sector may also be important to you: if so, you’ll find out more about our experience and business base on our clients page.

If data storage is an issue for you, talk to us. We have the solution.

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